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Something I forgot to say is that I didn’t bring the husband along to the frozen embryo transfer. He didn’t come the first time either. He was welcome, and the nurse had put scrubs out for him, but neither of us was that bothered either way about him coming.

Does that sound cold?

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Today was the day of our egg retrieval procedure.

My husband drove me up to the hospital this morning and we got there just before 8am. We were taken through to a day surgery ward and settled into a curtained off bed in a ward with maybe four others.

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Well tomorrow I am going into the IVF clinic to have an ‘egg retrieval’ procedure. Over the last month I have been growing said eggs, and now they are good to be harvested.

Last night at 11pm I took an injection to bring on ovulation. I had to take it exactly 35 hours before egg retrieval, and the egg retrieval will take place at 10am tomorrow which is when the doctors predict my eggs will be ripe but will not have popped out of my ovaries yet. The injection was chilled in the fridge, and it felt cold under my skin for a while after I put the drugs in.

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