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Got this letter in the post today. So that’s awkward, cos I’m already doing it. Oops. Admin error!

While I’m here, one of my lovely regular followers recently asked me this question:

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Hurray, this is the start of IVF cycle number three.  We will be using one of our six remaining frozen embryos (blastocysts) around mid October and the time until then will be used to prepare my body to hopefully accept it.

So this morning was a pre-treatment scan.  I left home an hour and a half before the appointment time of 10am and this time arrived fifteen minutes early.  That was great though, as they took me in straight away so I was out again by 10am!

I knew the drill by now – into the consulting room, strip from the waist down, sit on the bed and cover my modesty with a towel.  The doctor came in, gave me an internal scan, and pronounced everything normal.  I then had an appointment with a nurse who took my blood pressure and pronounced that normal too.  Therefore good to go, I was given a date to come in for my next two IVF appointments and sent on my way.  Easy.

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So after a 56 day hiatus I had my first appointment at the clinic for our second IVF cycle today. This one will be a frozen embryo transfer, as we have some embryos ready made from last time so they’ll just use them rather than growing some new ones.

(How to number this? I’m going for cycle days starting today, but that’s not exactly right as it sort of starts last week with my period, or today, or when I start the drugs in a few weeks… but today is when it was all confirmed so today is day one)

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Today I went in for my first IVF appointment. Of course, this isn’t my actual first appointment relating to this issue as I must have had six appointments at the fertility clinic already. But here we are within the process of getting the thing done.

It was all rather short notice as I mentioned yesterday, so I hadn’t had time to think about what it might involve.

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