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On 27th March we found out that our first attempt at IVF had not worked and three weeks later the clinic wrote to us and offered us an appointment with a Consultant to discuss our treatment options. Well our appointment finally came around today, two months after the negative pregnancy test and almost a week after we started our second cycle of IVF treatment. I must admit the husband and I found this quite unsatisfactory, as we had no clear answers about why the first go had not worked or what our chances of success were based on the progress to date, and we felt a bit abandoned by the system.

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6.45am – Wake up feeling nervous. There is a silent whiteness about the place so I know it has snowed overnight. Thus think I’d better get my ass into gear and set off for the hospital in case of any public transport disruption.

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Tomorrow is the big day. Sort of. Well the husband and I can’t decide how big the day is.

Tomorrow I go in to the clinic for a blood test (as I have done a squillion times before) and phone in later for the results (as I have done a squillion times before). The difference is that tomorrow they will confirm whether I am pregnant or not. It might be a no. Or it might be a yes.

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Two things of note to tell you about today.

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So I’m in the bit now where we just have to sit and wait and see if I am pregnant. There’s nothing to be done other than take these progesterone pessaries and then go in for a blood test on Wednesday. The wait is interminable. After so long of having lots of things to do to (injections, appointments, scans) it is uncomfortable doing nothing. It is just in the back of my mind all of the time. I’m not stressed as such, just more I want it to be over with. I think as Wednesday gets nearer it’ll get harder. At this point I’m worried that every time I go to the toilet I will find my period has started – but as long as it hasn’t, that’s a good sign.

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This is the progesterone drug I’m on now, instead of the one I blipped the other day. As the other one made me feel rough, the nurse kindly gave me something else when I went in for my embryo transfer.

So this one is taken twice a day, and it is a pessary. I can decide where I insert the pessary. Would it be too much information if I told you the route I had chosen?

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Today you have a wee piece from the husband again, on how he feels now that the chosen one is safely within me.

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Well the chosen one is within me.

My appointment for the embryo transfer was at 12.30pm today. I was a bit nervous but I managed to get a couple of hours work done, then I headed off on the bus with a bottle of water in hand because a full bladder was required. It turns out this is a good time to travel, as I left the same amount of time as usual and arrived 25 minutes early for my appointment. This meant I had to sit in the waiting room for half an hour desperately trying to resist the urge to go to the toilet.

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Blee. I feel a bit rough on this progesterone. I feel tired and a bit sick with sore boobs. And, possibly, thrush (sorry, gross). They say the progesterone drug mimics the symptoms of early pregnancy, so hopefully I have more of the same to look forward to. Gah.

I intend to spend the day feeling sorry for myself, then do the embryo transfer tomorrow, then try and get my shit together.

The husband is being extremely sweet – he went out and got me what I wanted for lunch, then he made me some jelly, and then he gave me this wee chocolate chick as a surprise to cheer me up.


So when the eggs have been collected and fertilised they are placed back into the womb on either day 2, 3 or 5. I’m on day 3 today, and I was told that the IVF clinic would call me this morning and let me know if I needed to come in today or if it would be on day 5.

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