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All I’ve ever heard from friends who are pregnant is pregnancy is not an illness, and don’t treat them differently because they are pregnant.  Invite them to stuff, expect them to join in.  Expect them to work.  Expect them to exercise.  All I have seen is people achieve this.

I cannot achieve this.  Pregnancy is not an illness.  But I am certainly ill and pregnancy is the direct cause of my illness.

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Hi [Client for new project I promised I’d do in April and May]

As you know I am pregnant, and my due date is 4th July. As such I thought I would be free to complete this project during April and May. However, I have had some complications with my blood pressure and I currently need to attend monitoring appointments at the hospital taking up two full days each week – plus other routine appointments.

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I paid a tax bill today, my ‘payment on account’.  For those doing a self assessment tax return, HMRC requires two payments per year and the payment on account is supposed to be a helpful way for the self employed to spread income tax payments.  For the payment on account HMRC guesses how much tax you’ll pay in the tax year (based on what you paid last tax year) and halves it, and that is what you have to give them in advance.  Six months later you pay the balance.

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I woke up this morning feeling completely overwhelmed.

Today is 6th January, the day people go back to work after Christmas.

Everyone told me I’d be better by now, that the nausea would have improved by week 12 and be better by week 14.  I didn’t believe them, and I was right, but I take no pleasure in that.  I would have loved to have been proved wrong.  I planned for me to have been proved wrong.  I’ve agreed to do work during this trimester.  I’ve made commitments.

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Those that have followed my blog for a while will know how serious I am about my work.  How it is part of me, how I want to do it, how I enjoy doing it.  I’ve not really taken any time off work to do three cycles of IVF, and even when my Dad died I still did bits and pieces of work amongst the grieving.

You see for me, work is a coping strategy.  It gives me pleasure to do a job well, I like the people-contact, I get small victories and achievements that make me feel good about myself.  In the big list of things that I let go of under pressure, work is (deliberately) towards the end of the list.

So it has been a really really tough challenge for me to be so sick with this pregnancy nausea to have to pretty much give up work for a couple of months.

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