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I’ve had a significant improvement over the last few days, and am now eating a fairly normal amount of food. I think I’m less tired, which means I can cope with the nausea better and the nausea is generally less severe. This meant Christmas went OK, better than I expected. I tried not taking the pills one morning, but it turns out I do still need those.

Despite the improvement I still don’t feel brilliant, still not normal, which is hugely frustrating. Yesterday I did three activities (lunch out, short walk, grocery shopping – great!) but then was wiped out and went to bed at 9.30pm. This remains genuinely depressing, I’m finding it hard to cope mentally with remaining so far from normal life for so long.

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So an update on how this pregnancy malarkey is going.

Yesterday I was sick for the first time during my pregnancy.  As you know I’ve felt sick a lot of the time but never actually been sick yet, so that’s new.  And weird to start at a time when it is supposed to be easing off.  It is the tooth brushing that did it. The last week or so brushing my teeth has made me feel close to sick but I’ve just assumed that I wouldn’t be as I haven’t been before.  It isn’t the gagging or the brush in my mouth, I think it is the build-up of froth in my mouth – they do say you produce more saliva when pregnant.  I’ve tried spitting some out but yesterday it was just too much.  I tried sitting down then lying down to ease the vommy feeling but no, I clearly needed to actually vomit.  So I did.  Urgh.

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Went to the GP today to see about getting some more Cyclizine to keep this nausea at bay.  It was a very brief appointment with a GP I’d never seen before.  She gave me a prescription for 100 tablets which should last around five weeks.  So that’s all good.

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I must say the antihistamine drugs have made a big difference and I now feel less sick.  A manageable amount of sick.  But very veeeeeeeeeeeeery tired.  I even had a nap on Monday afternoon.  That never happens.  I gave myself Monday and Tuesday off work and spent them in bed.  Today I have done a few hours in the office, and tried walking round the block.  Went OK.

I want to emphasise that this is rough though, and continues to be rough.  I hate it.  But it is worth it and I am determined to do my best to incubate Kipling as well as I can.

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