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Ups and downs.

Having gone cold turkey on the prochlorperazine I spent a day feeling much better, than a day of feeling a bit better, then things got a bit crappy again. I guess the prochlorperazine left my system.

The nausea was… on the borders of bearable. I felt like I might be sick quite a lot of the time, but I had some energy and felt quite positive. It was concurrently more severe, but more acceptable. But after all this time I just couldn’t bear it.

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So I’m coming up to 14 weeks pregnant, and this is the point at which the pregnancy nausea is supposed to have gone or at least vastly reduced due to a dip in the levels of pregnancy hormones in my system now.

I gotta say I was just so tired of the whole thing. Really feeling crappy, sorry for myself, low.

But I had this feeling that I should have another go at giving up the nausea drugs, which last week I wasn’t able to do because when I stopped taking them I felt too sick to manage.

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So I think these new prochlorperazine drugs are the ones, I do feel better on these than anything else so far.

They are an interesting drug – you can take them for dizziness (up to 30mg/day), nausea (up to 30mg/day), anxiety (up to 40mg/day) and schizophrenia (up to 100mg/day).

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Set my alarm for 8.30am to phone the doctor for an emergency appointment, and when I got through at 8.35am they had a choice of two left.  So, headed on down there for 10.20am.  I saw the same GP that sent me to the obstetric triage, which was good.  She was sensible, professional and sympathetic.  She prescribed me the next tier anti nausea drug, which is prochlorperazine.

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