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The doctors have given me Dexametronone, a nippy wee bugger of an injection in the thigh. But scarier than that. An injection to get the baby’s lungs ready for birth. Because the baby is nowhere near ready enough to be born naturally yet, but the doctors might want to get him out soon. Within the next two weeks.

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Got to the hospital for monitoring today at 10am (as they told me to) and was seen within half an hour, which is great and much much quicker than usual. However, still ended up being there for five and a half hours. I was bored stupid.

Honestly I lose track, it is so repetitive and they tell me very little. For whatever reason this time they wanted me to wait and see a doctor, and the doctor wanted to run their plan past their superior. It all took ages with a lot of waiting.

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It’s a boy!

Today was our foetal anomaly (20 week) scan where we had an ultrasound to check that Kipling was all in one piece. He was.

I wasn’t so nervous about this scan as I had been about the first one, as we’ve heard his heartbeat quite often, I do seem to be getting bigger, and he was vaguely baby-shaped last time they scanned him.

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I bought this baby outfit a few weeks back because it was cute and lovely. But it is really most suitable for a girl baby. At this point we don’t know if we are having a girl or a boy.

Since the embryo was replaced within me, we’ve called the future baby ‘Kipling’ and we’ve referred to Kipling as a he.

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My midwife called the Consultant on Monday and got me an appointment within 48 hours of her call.  Easy.  Do not even get me started on what a massive difference it would have made to my life if this had happened nine weeks ago when my GP sent me to triage, or seven weeks ago when my first midwife told me to try some ginger… I remain oh so very angry about the decimating effect that this has unnecessarily had on my life.  So so so let down.

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Got an appointment for a counselling session today (next week) and an appointment for the 20 week scan (13th Feb).  So that’s all good.

Had to go into the GP surgery again today for the GP to check on me.  The husband came along again, and this time there was a student observing the session.  I explained to the GP that this drug combo was the best so far, but that I was having some unpredictable bouts of nausea.  I said I was working a couple of hours a day and the GP was pleased.  I tried to explain that this was difficult, and unpredictable, and disappointing so not entirely a good thing.  Certainly not what I’d hoped for by this point.

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It is good news, there’s a live and kicking baby in there.

I was nervous this morning, and woke at 8am – much earlier than planned.  So I spent the morning watching TV and feeling nervous.  One hour before the scan, as specified in the appointment letter, I had a wee then drank one litre of water.  Then the husband and I headed off to the hospital where our scan would take place.

When we got there it was quiet and we were the only ones in the waiting room, then another five sets of people turned up.  We all waited a bit.  There was loads of notices up – an unusually high number of notices – asking us to make sure we sign in before sitting down, and asking us to give a £1 donation if we want a print out of our scan.  Several of each notice.

Just about everyone got called in at the same time, maybe five minutes late so not too bad.

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So the 12 week scan is tomorrow.  I’d like to be excited, but I’m not.  I’m nervous.  I’m scared all won’t be well.  I’m scared of a silent miscarriage, that there’s no baby in there.

However having had a scan at six weeks I do know that as soon as you see the thing you are looking for on-screen the feelings quickly go from terrified to delighted.  So let’s hope for more of that.

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So the husband and I are now released from the IVF clinic and are to be integrated with the fertiles in the Scottish maternity system.

When we left the clinic yesterday we were given a letter for my GP to confirm the successful IVF and we dropped this in to the surgery on our way home.  We were also given a number to call to book in with midwife services.

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Only for a time,
I must not learn
To call you mine.
You never, ever learn
That nothing’s yours
On easy terms. (Easy terms, Blood Brothers)

So this is the dreaded two week wait. That’s the final two weeks of IVF between fertilisation and pregnancy test. Notorious for being the hardest bit of IVF. For most people. Not me.

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