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I used to enjoy browsing round the shops and maybe buying some new clothes, but this has been no fun while pregnant as I have not felt it was worth getting anything when I didn’t know if I’d be able to wear it due to expecting to change size/shape.

Except I have not particularly changed shape in the first half of the pregnancy. Not in any way that changes what I wear anyway.

I went to the shops today and tried on a bunch of maternity clothes.

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This is my first bump shot, mainly because even though I’m nearly 21 weeks in I’ve not had much of a bump to show.

I’m now at that inbetweeny stage where some might just wonder if I’m a bit fat. The husband says you can tell because it is all in the one place, but I don’t think I’d be confident to ask me about it yet! I think maybe my natural posture and the reasonable size of my boobs masks it a bit too.

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I had an extra midwife appointment today, to check up on me because I’d been ill.

Happily I am now feeling reasonably well – certainly adequately medicated and less depressed – so the appointment was brief and straightforward. I communicated this, everyone was pleased, all good.

The husband came along with me, but that’s probably the last time he’ll come to routine appointments for now as I can manage by myself and they are indeed now routine.

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