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A bit from the husband today:

The First Kick

On a few occasions I have tried to feel the baby moving, but nothing. At the start of the month I went to the USA for a week for work, and the night I got back I tried again. This time I felt him! It’s really weird – a bit like having my hand on the duvet when the cat got under it! A funny wriggly feeling in a place that nothing should be moving. It’s also lovely. It’s not quite an “almost in tears” moment like the fluttering heart on the first ultrasound, but it’s pretty darned exciting. I have seen him moving around on the ultrasounds, and my wife has been able to feel that daily for ages, and I’ve felt a bit left out. 

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Kipling and I have reached 24 weeks together, which feels fantastic.  Kip is now a foot long and weighs a pound, and if necessary he could survive outside me.  I’m looking to keep him in for a good while yet, but this feels like a milestone.

He’s moving about quite a bit, I feel him having a good wriggle about maybe once every hour or two.  Every time it makes me smile.

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This is my first bump shot, mainly because even though I’m nearly 21 weeks in I’ve not had much of a bump to show.

I’m now at that inbetweeny stage where some might just wonder if I’m a bit fat. The husband says you can tell because it is all in the one place, but I don’t think I’d be confident to ask me about it yet! I think maybe my natural posture and the reasonable size of my boobs masks it a bit too.

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