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My boy is six months old today.

What a remarkable six months it has been. Remarkable in how unremarkable it has been. We’re now a very ordinary family.

After a truly horrendous pregnancy, my resilient boy got himself born and then… thrived.

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A bit from the husband…

This pregnancy lark has definitely proved harder than expected. When we embarked on IVF 16 months ago, we were rather under the impression that IVF would be the difficult part. I saw pregnancy as an objective rather than the next challenge. Oh how naïve I was! Read the rest of this entry »


A day in hospital, and basically I am being kept in indefinitely until they can either stabilise my blood pressure (and then maybe send me home for a bit) or deliver me. But a few days in hospital are certain, probably at least a week.

It is very boring and there’s a lot of being poked and prodded at all times of day and night.

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All I’ve ever heard from friends who are pregnant is pregnancy is not an illness, and don’t treat them differently because they are pregnant.  Invite them to stuff, expect them to join in.  Expect them to work.  Expect them to exercise.  All I have seen is people achieve this.

I cannot achieve this.  Pregnancy is not an illness.  But I am certainly ill and pregnancy is the direct cause of my illness.

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