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Today cycle three of IVF started properly as I am now on the IVF drugs. This will be a thaw cycle, using a frozen embryo the husband and I made in March.

The first type of drug to be taken is a down-regulator to stop ovulation and simulate the menopause. This is because they don’t want any eggs floating about, they want to keep it all clear for the pre-prepared embryo. Previously I’ve taken these down-regging drugs by self-administered daily injection, but this time I’m trying it a new way.

So I set off for the clinic at 8.30am for a 10am appointment, and arrived ten minutes early. It was so quick, I was taken in straight away and was out again by 10am.

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So I’m in the bit now where we just have to sit and wait and see if I am pregnant. There’s nothing to be done other than take these progesterone pessaries and then go in for a blood test on Wednesday. The wait is interminable. After so long of having lots of things to do to (injections, appointments, scans) it is uncomfortable doing nothing. It is just in the back of my mind all of the time. I’m not stressed as such, just more I want it to be over with. I think as Wednesday gets nearer it’ll get harder. At this point I’m worried that every time I go to the toilet I will find my period has started – but as long as it hasn’t, that’s a good sign.

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It wasn’t a great start at the fertility clinic today as my appointment had not been recorded by the last nurse I saw so no-one came down to collect me. It ended up starting 15 minutes late. Add to this the fact that the bus took more than an hour and a quarter to get there during the pre-work rush hour, and it felt like a long morning before anything even got started!

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