Kipling and I have reached 24 weeks together, which feels fantastic.  Kip is now a foot long and weighs a pound, and if necessary he could survive outside me.  I’m looking to keep him in for a good while yet, but this feels like a milestone.

He’s moving about quite a bit, I feel him having a good wriggle about maybe once every hour or two.  Every time it makes me smile.

But I’m just so tired.  The midwife said it may be the Cyclizine that I’m taking for the nausea.  I’m sleeping about three hours earlier than usual, I’m asleep for a solid ten to twelve hours each day, and I sometimes nap.  Even with all that I’m still absolutely shattered.  I feel broken, like I’ve done some really serious exercise.  Feel beaten up and completely wiped out.  And I’ve barely done anything!  I couldn’t contemplate doing much.  Today I am on husband-prescribed complete bed rest to see if that restores me and perks me up a bit.

My body and genetics simply do not seem suited to pregnancy.  I’m doing my best, but I’m bloody awful at it.  It is a long hard slog and I’m struggling.