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I have been invited to take part in a medical trial, how exciting. It is for self monitoring of blood pressure during pregnancy – for women at risk of high blood pressure.

As you know I have ‘white coat syndrome’ which leads to misleadingly high and wildly fluctuating blood pressure readings. Also my mum had high blood pressure during pregnancy so there’s a concern I might too. This makes both me and my midwife nervous about getting a true blood pressure reading from me in order to accurately spot high blood pressure if/when it genuinely occurs. The concerns are either:

  • I could have to sit in hospital for an afternoon (maybe several times) and be monitored only for them to tell me my blood pressure is actually normal.
  • Genuine high blood pressure might be missed.

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Progress with the swimming yesterday, and progress with the eating out today.

Met some friends for dinner at a restaurant for the first time in about three months. We ate dinner. It went fine.

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For the last five years I have swum three times a week. After work I’ve walked to the bus stop, got the bus to near the pool, walked to the pool, swum about a kilometre, then reversed the journey. I never thought anything of it.

Until I got this frickin pregnancy nausea and couldn’t manage the walk to the bus stop, let alone the bus journey, let alone the swim itself.

I’m gutted about this, I had these big ideas that I’d have a really healthy pregnancy, keep the weight gain minimal, be nice and fit for the birth.

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I used to enjoy browsing round the shops and maybe buying some new clothes, but this has been no fun while pregnant as I have not felt it was worth getting anything when I didn’t know if I’d be able to wear it due to expecting to change size/shape.

Except I have not particularly changed shape in the first half of the pregnancy. Not in any way that changes what I wear anyway.

I went to the shops today and tried on a bunch of maternity clothes.

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I’ve just noticed that on 13th February 2013 I started the drugs for my first go at IVF… and on 13th February 2014 I had my 20 week scan which confirmed I was expecting a healthy baby boy.

I like patterns like that.

This hasn’t been the quick way round of getting a baby and three goes at IVF is more than I hoped I’d need to do.

But I guess in the big scheme of infertility that’s substantial progress in a year.


This is my first bump shot, mainly because even though I’m nearly 21 weeks in I’ve not had much of a bump to show.

I’m now at that inbetweeny stage where some might just wonder if I’m a bit fat. The husband says you can tell because it is all in the one place, but I don’t think I’d be confident to ask me about it yet! I think maybe my natural posture and the reasonable size of my boobs masks it a bit too.

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Twenty weeks pregnant today.

Half way.

Now I’ve done f-all to contribute to this, consciously, it is merely a passing of time. But being half way feels like a massive achievement.

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It’s a boy!

Today was our foetal anomaly (20 week) scan where we had an ultrasound to check that Kipling was all in one piece. He was.

I wasn’t so nervous about this scan as I had been about the first one, as we’ve heard his heartbeat quite often, I do seem to be getting bigger, and he was vaguely baby-shaped last time they scanned him.

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So here’s a symptom of pregnancy that I have noticed in the last fortnight.

I have become very forgetful.

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I bought this baby outfit a few weeks back because it was cute and lovely. But it is really most suitable for a girl baby. At this point we don’t know if we are having a girl or a boy.

Since the embryo was replaced within me, we’ve called the future baby ‘Kipling’ and we’ve referred to Kipling as a he.

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