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Ups and downs.

Having gone cold turkey on the prochlorperazine I spent a day feeling much better, than a day of feeling a bit better, then things got a bit crappy again. I guess the prochlorperazine left my system.

The nausea was… on the borders of bearable. I felt like I might be sick quite a lot of the time, but I had some energy and felt quite positive. It was concurrently more severe, but more acceptable. But after all this time I just couldn’t bear it.

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So I’m coming up to 14 weeks pregnant, and this is the point at which the pregnancy nausea is supposed to have gone or at least vastly reduced due to a dip in the levels of pregnancy hormones in my system now.

I gotta say I was just so tired of the whole thing. Really feeling crappy, sorry for myself, low.

But I had this feeling that I should have another go at giving up the nausea drugs, which last week I wasn’t able to do because when I stopped taking them I felt too sick to manage.

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I was at a black tie dinner last night and due to little Kipling being within me I had to stay off the booze.  I got away with it for a bit drinking some pink juice they were handing out that looked like rose wine, but it because conspicuous when I refused ‘red or white’ at the table. My friend questioned me, and I revealed all to her.

So there’s progress, I didn’t mind talking about IVF to her and answering her questions.  She was so kind and protective of my feelings, and I was interested to note that I didn’t really need that.  These days I can be matter of fact about IVF.  I could also see in her eyes how awful she felt for me, and I realised that I didn’t feel as bad myself as she felt on my behalf.  That was a bit of a revelation!

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Here’s what I feel like.  I feel like yesterday I did a couple of long dives off a rib in Scotland.  Perhaps you don’t know what that feels like?  When you’re doing it, it feels great.  But afterwards a combination of the cold and the amount of heavy kit you have to wear about your person and a certain amount of exertion catches up with you.  It feels a bit like you were beaten up a few days ago.  I feel like that.  I sit at my desk and I can feel all of my muscles aching.  If I get up all my limbs will feel stiff and in the wrong place.  Sleeping hurts.  The last few days I’ve woken up and felt like I’ve been on a pile of bricks, under a pile of bricks.  A couple of times I’ve done some sort of strenuous activity (picking up my phone, putting my coat on) and felt like I’ve got cramp or pulled a muscle.

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The husband had some more things to say today…

Being in the “2 week wait” is always a bit of a limbo. There’s nothing more to do – we just have to wait for the pregnancy test.

I’m coping with this one less well than the last two times.

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I have been feeling very tired these last few days, very heavy and sleepy. The husband went to the pub last night and I was asleep when he came home. That never ever happens, usually I am an extreme night owl and there’s no way I’d be asleep before midnight.

I also feel just on the edge of sick.

And I have a runny nose.

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Today is the first day of the two week wait.  This is the day that my eggs would be fertilised if they were not fertilised already.  My fertilised eggs were kept out of me in the test tube for six days, hence as they are already six days old they’ll not put them back in til Thursday.

As of today I’m on a new drugs regime, in preparation for the frozen embryo transfer on Thursday.  Folic acid and HRT as before, plus progesterone.  The progesterone is a pessary that I have to stick up my vajayjay twice a day.  I don’t seem to have any side effects, but it does drip out as a white waxy paste and is quite messy and gross.

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It must be a busy month at the IVF clinic, because yet again I had to wait 50 minutes in the waiting room today.  I would rather have spent that time in bed…

But things got better.

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I don’t lose things, I’m not a forgetful person.  In fact I have an unusually good memory.

Today I lost this letter at the swimming pool.  How?  Seriously, how?  You empty your things from your bag onto a short bench then you put them back into your bag again.  If anything remains on the bench it is quite conspicuous and you pick it up.  Simples.  I must have been swimming a thousand times over the last five years and I have never lost anything at the pool before.  Except last week when I lost my special shampoo bottle with sucker to attach it to the wall.  The letter was found and collected by the husband, but the shampoo bottle had to be replaced.

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So it is a week and a half since I have had the new IVF drug in me, and I must say it has been going very well.  I’d say better than the alternative that I had taken the last two times.

With the last drug I felt emotionally ok but not myself in quite an uncomfortable way, and I had no libido at all.

With this drug I feel very close to normal, plus like last time I have had no pain or sickness or menopause symptoms.

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