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I had a hospital appointment at 8.30am this morning. The main thing that I went in for today was a scan to see how things were progressing.

Pictured is the scanning equipment. It is an internal scan that they do, and the rounded pointy thing is what they use to do that. The recipient of the scan strips below the waist, and the doctor sets up the rounded pointy thing by covering it with lube, putting a condom over it, then putting more lube on top. The rounded pointy thing is then inserted into the ladyparts.

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One of the reasons that I am writing this blog is so that people who don’t know much about IVF can find out what it is like. Well one of the things that it is like is emotionally *hard*. And people don’t know what to say. It would be lovely if people were a bit tactful about fertility issues – didn’t go on about it, didn’t make silly jokes, asked fairly bland open questions about how I am and how things are going and let me take the lead on what I felt up to sharing. Let me know they were there if I wanted to talk. That isn’t how it goes though. People can be mean. They don’t intend to be, but this stuff hurts. Daily.

My husband therefore suggested that it might be a good idea if I outlined some of the things that people say that can be upsetting so that you, dear reader, can avoid saying them to others in the future.

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The bin is quickly filling up with medical debris these days. Not needles, obviously, they go in the sharps bin which I blipped the other day.

I think I got away with not drinking this weekend due to claiming illness. I’ll need to think of another excuse for next weekend.

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Here’s a bag of drugs. This lasts ten days, and I’ve used up a whole one now – a third of my supply gone. Progress is being made.

Overall still going much better than anticipated.

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I’m not posting every day because the injections are going absolutely fine. No problem with them, so far.

One thing going not so well though – I’ve had a nasty cold for a few days and during IVF all I’m allowed to take is paracetamol. Urgh. No caffeine tablets or decongestants or any of the good stuff. I feel rough.


Second day on the drugs and not much to report. Today was much the same as yesterday with the injecting, but I wasn’t worried about it this time so it was quicker. I stuck the needle in the other side of my belly to yesterday in case alternating made any difference to the comfort of it.

So far no side effects that I can be sure I can attribute to the drugs. I’m a slight hypochondriac so there will always be some things. But no headaches and no pain and no mood swings.


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Today was the first day that I have to take IVF drugs. These are the drugs, pictured. From my recollection of what comes next (I think it was December we got the briefing so it’s a bit hazy) I take them every day for a couple of weeks to induce a rapid menopause and then take some other drugs in addition to hyper-stimulate my ovaries. Well I have an appointment at the clinic in two weeks so they will tell me what’s next.

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I am due to start the IVF drugs on Wednesday, so this may be the last alcoholic drink I have in a while. A long time if the IVF works and I’m pregnant.

A couple of things to report in the meantime.

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