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Went in for my scan and blood test this morning and all went well. There was quite a bit of snow today, so I had to leave early just in case. Got there for an 8.30am appointment no problem, although getting up in time for a 7.10am bus was not ideal for me. I also piled on the clothes, so it took me ages to get undressed for my scan, and to get my arm free for the blood taking. Oops.

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Well it was ups and downs today.

Went to the clinic for my scan. All going well with my follicles, still plenty of them growing and they range between 9mm and 17mm which is much bigger than on Tuesday. The doctor wants to see some measuring 18mm before scheduling the egg retrieval, which is a full day event. This means egg retrieval won’t be next Monday or Tuesday as they had thought earlier in the week, but instead will probably be Wednesday or Friday.

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It wasn’t a great start at the fertility clinic today as my appointment had not been recorded by the last nurse I saw so no-one came down to collect me. It ended up starting 15 minutes late. Add to this the fact that the bus took more than an hour and a quarter to get there during the pre-work rush hour, and it felt like a long morning before anything even got started!

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I had a hospital appointment at 8.30am this morning. The main thing that I went in for today was a scan to see how things were progressing.

Pictured is the scanning equipment. It is an internal scan that they do, and the rounded pointy thing is what they use to do that. The recipient of the scan strips below the waist, and the doctor sets up the rounded pointy thing by covering it with lube, putting a condom over it, then putting more lube on top. The rounded pointy thing is then inserted into the ladyparts.

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