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Although I feel so much better, normal service has not yet really resumed.  I’m still very tired and I still feel sick some of the time.  I can work a bit from my bed, and do one dressed-and-out-of-the-house thing per day.  I’ve been experimenting with the time I take my drugs, and I have found that nothing eliminates the dip I get around 6pm but I get a better sleep if I don’t take a pill late at night.  It is all seriously frustrating.  I’ve got my mind back now though, I’m no longer fuzzy and confused.  Which is great.  But probably why I feel so frustrated.

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Well in the end I returned to Edinburgh for a few days at least, as my Mum preferred to whip off the band aid and try getting on with being by herself. She’s an amazing woman, my Mum.

So, although I didn’t have an appointment any more, I rocked up at the IVF clinic this morning for a blood test (known elsewhere as a beta). I explained that things were complicated because I was recently bereaved, and they squeezed me in.

The husband drove me to the hospital and came in with me, for moral support.

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Well fate can have a strange idea about how things should go.

After a positive pregnancy test on Sunday I spent a day grinning to myself and feeling excited and hopeful.

And then on Monday my Dad died. It was very sudden, a complete surprise. Quick for him thankfully, but for us very unexpected.

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2013-10-27Well this is new!

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If it wasn’t a Saturday I could take a blood test today to find out if I’m pregnant. This is the equivalent day to a woman’s period being due, the day a normally fertile woman might suspect she was pregnant and take a test.

As the clinic is shut at the weekend I can’t do the blood test until next working week, but I can take a home pregnancy test. I decided to take it tomorrow. I quite like not knowing, to be honest. Just now I can hope that this cycle might work. So I’ve no problem leaving longer than technically I could.

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I was at a black tie dinner last night and due to little Kipling being within me I had to stay off the booze.  I got away with it for a bit drinking some pink juice they were handing out that looked like rose wine, but it because conspicuous when I refused ‘red or white’ at the table. My friend questioned me, and I revealed all to her.

So there’s progress, I didn’t mind talking about IVF to her and answering her questions.  She was so kind and protective of my feelings, and I was interested to note that I didn’t really need that.  These days I can be matter of fact about IVF.  I could also see in her eyes how awful she felt for me, and I realised that I didn’t feel as bad myself as she felt on my behalf.  That was a bit of a revelation!

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Today is the first day of the two week wait.  This is the day that my eggs would be fertilised if they were not fertilised already.  My fertilised eggs were kept out of me in the test tube for six days, hence as they are already six days old they’ll not put them back in til Thursday.

As of today I’m on a new drugs regime, in preparation for the frozen embryo transfer on Thursday.  Folic acid and HRT as before, plus progesterone.  The progesterone is a pessary that I have to stick up my vajayjay twice a day.  I don’t seem to have any side effects, but it does drip out as a white waxy paste and is quite messy and gross.

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It must be a busy month at the IVF clinic, because yet again I had to wait 50 minutes in the waiting room today.  I would rather have spent that time in bed…

But things got better.

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It was all going so well with work and IVF this time… until now.

Outwith my control a carefully timed work thing in London was supposed to be yesterday but was postponed at the last minute and now has to be rearranged. Now I need to reschedule it for the end of the month to fit in with client deadlines and to give a required bit of notice to attenders.

So I need to be away probably two nights / one day in London. And it needs to be in October. But in the remaining three weeks of October I will need to go to the IVF clinic first for the embryo transfer and later for a pregnancy test.

Unfortunately I cannot yet know when the embryo transfer (and thus by association the pregnancy test) will take place, so I cannot know which days I am not available to go to London. But for various tedious administrative reasons I need to reschedule today.

Argh, how to do this?

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Yeah don’t even get me started on how this letter is marked ‘Strictly private and confidential to be opened by addressee only’ and was sent to me and not my husband… A couple of weeks after the event it confirmed what we knew from two negative pregnancy tests and me getting my period.

We’re in limbo again. Not much to report. On the plus side I can have a few beers, exercise, eat McDonalds, er… bleach my teeth. It’s not so bad, we don’t have to wait too long and as it is Edinburgh Festival Fringe time I can happily have some fun and get on with things for a bit. I’ve been feeling a bit sick which seems to be easing off now but I’ve not got my libido back. This is annoying. But as the sickness is going and I’m starting to show a bit of interest in attractive young comedians the husband thinks this may be related to my natural cycle resetting and my ovulation which is due around now.

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