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Yeah don’t even get me started on how this letter is marked ‘Strictly private and confidential to be opened by addressee only’ and was sent to me and not my husband… A couple of weeks after the event it confirmed what we knew from two negative pregnancy tests and me getting my period.

We’re in limbo again. Not much to report. On the plus side I can have a few beers, exercise, eat McDonalds, er… bleach my teeth. It’s not so bad, we don’t have to wait too long and as it is Edinburgh Festival Fringe time I can happily have some fun and get on with things for a bit. I’ve been feeling a bit sick which seems to be easing off now but I’ve not got my libido back. This is annoying. But as the sickness is going and I’m starting to show a bit of interest in attractive young comedians the husband thinks this may be related to my natural cycle resetting and my ovulation which is due around now.

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Only for a time,
I must not learn
To call you mine.
You never, ever learn
That nothing’s yours
On easy terms. (Easy terms, Blood Brothers)

So this is the dreaded two week wait. That’s the final two weeks of IVF between fertilisation and pregnancy test. Notorious for being the hardest bit of IVF. For most people. Not me.

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Something I forgot to say is that I didn’t bring the husband along to the frozen embryo transfer. He didn’t come the first time either. He was welcome, and the nurse had put scrubs out for him, but neither of us was that bothered either way about him coming.

Does that sound cold?

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Starting on the progesterone pessaries today. I have to insert these up my lady bits twice a day.

I’ve used these before, last time. Most people would only use these for a frozen embryo transfer (as I am this time) but I got swapped onto them last time because the other ones made me feel crappy.

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So I was watching Big Fat Gypsy Weddings: Life on the run, and one of the travelling women was up the duff. She’d met a guy online, got married twelve weeks later, and got knocked up three weeks after that. Fifteen weeks between being completely single, and conceiving a planned baby in wedlock. Oh and did I say baby? Try babies – its twins.

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I’m all about evaluation, and I thought it might be interesting to generate some stats and reflections on my first IVF cycle.

(By the way, I’m still taking these money draining daily kick in the teeth folic acid tablets…)

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I’m feeling OK today two days after the egg retrieval. Tired, and stiff. But OK. I worked yesterday and went to the pub (no alcohol!) so all is pretty much back to normal, and I only took one paracetamol yesterday I didn’t need to top up with another one.

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I’ve been feeling OK since I wrote about the egg retrieval yesterday. Uncomfortable, I would say, sort of feeling a bit stiff and bruised inside. I didn’t take any painkillers though as I didn’t interpret the feeling as a pain, I more just couldn’t get settled. I did, however, go to the theatre. Well we already had tickets booked and I felt alright. It was fine, a bit uncomfortable to sit in one position for a long time but entirely bearable. Shh… don’t tell the nurses I went out.

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Today was the day of our egg retrieval procedure.

My husband drove me up to the hospital this morning and we got there just before 8am. We were taken through to a day surgery ward and settled into a curtained off bed in a ward with maybe four others.

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Went in for my scan and blood test this morning and all went well. There was quite a bit of snow today, so I had to leave early just in case. Got there for an 8.30am appointment no problem, although getting up in time for a 7.10am bus was not ideal for me. I also piled on the clothes, so it took me ages to get undressed for my scan, and to get my arm free for the blood taking. Oops.

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