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All I’ve ever heard from friends who are pregnant is pregnancy is not an illness, and don’t treat them differently because they are pregnant.  Invite them to stuff, expect them to join in.  Expect them to work.  Expect them to exercise.  All I have seen is people achieve this.

I cannot achieve this.  Pregnancy is not an illness.  But I am certainly ill and pregnancy is the direct cause of my illness.

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I had a routine appointment with the obstetric Consultant today, following up on my nausea.

The husband came with me, to protect me from it all. I’m overwhelmed and needed the support.

Arrived for a 9.45am appointment and waited a little while, then saw a nurse to give a urine sample and check blood pressure and fetal heart rate. Then waited a little while longer to see the doctor.

It wasn’t a doctor I’d seen before but she was very nice.

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I had been told to attend obstetric triage at 11am today to have my blood pressure monitored.

Arrived on time, and waited in the waiting room for an hour.

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All has been quite uneventful since I was let out of the hospital yesterday.  Came home, let myself have a day off work and spent most of it asleep, started taking the new blood pressure drugs.  These are Labetalol – 100mg twice a day.  I have to go in and get monitored again on Friday to check they are doing their job.  I’ve felt fine, well actually I’ve had a really itchy head but I don’t know if that is related or not.

Something really pissed me off though.  When I got my notes back along with my discharge information and letter to my GP it all said I was to stop taking one of my two anti nausea medications (metaclorpramide).  No word on why, no mention of this to me.

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I didn’t get a huge amount of sleep in the hospital. Several reasons. One was that I had to have my blood pressure taken at 12.15am, then 4am, then they woke us up at 7.15am. Another was that I was on a mixed antenatal and postnatal ward and two of the women had newborn babies in with them so there was a bit of baby crying. Mainly though, it was just very light. And not as comfortable as my own bed.

I had to ask for some anti nausea medication, as I hadn’t taken mine with me.

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I think I feel better on this new drug combination.  I realise it should be easy to say if I feel better, but so far it is ‘different’ but I think it is different in a better way.  Now I’m advised that the newly introduced drug (metoclopeamide) acts to move stuff through the stomach quickly and does something to the brain to stop signals of nausea.  I can certainly feel it moving things through – not in a gross ‘bowel evacuation’ sense, but I can feel my stomach rumbling and I feel hungry quite a lot of the time.  Now previously being hungry would be strongly associated with nausea, so the thing about this new combo is I think I need to be chucking a normal amount of food in quite regularly and ignoring the hunger pangs and not assuming I feel sick because I feel hungry. Read the rest of this entry »


Having been given more info on my circumstances my friend the obstetrician advised that “you should expect to feel normal, if you can remember what that is.”  Which made me think sod it, I want to feel normal asap.  She advised that I should ask to be prescribed metoclopramide in addition to cyclizine, and that I should ask for an urgent referral to an obstetric specialist who should assess and look after my care.

So I phoned the GP at 8.30am today to get an emergency appointment (the only way to see anyone within a week and a half) and I saw a new GP this morning.  One I hadn’t seen before.

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