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I used to enjoy browsing round the shops and maybe buying some new clothes, but this has been no fun while pregnant as I have not felt it was worth getting anything when I didn’t know if I’d be able to wear it due to expecting to change size/shape.

Except I have not particularly changed shape in the first half of the pregnancy. Not in any way that changes what I wear anyway.

I went to the shops today and tried on a bunch of maternity clothes.

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I had an extra midwife appointment today, to check up on me because I’d been ill.

Happily I am now feeling reasonably well – certainly adequately medicated and less depressed – so the appointment was brief and straightforward. I communicated this, everyone was pleased, all good.

The husband came along with me, but that’s probably the last time he’ll come to routine appointments for now as I can manage by myself and they are indeed now routine.

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Today was my weekly counselling session.

Although I wouldn’t say I currently have depression I really do feel the benefit of ‘debriefing’ all of this unpleasant nausea situation with someone who spends an hour actually listening to me.

We talked about a few things.

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Today I went swimming, by myself! I’ve not been swimming by myself since October. So that was a massive big deal.

It wasn’t quite my usual routine but it was the fact that it wasn’t my usual routine that prompted me to go. I used to go swimming in the evening and I’d walk to the bus stop, get the bus, walk to the pool, swim, then reverse the journey. This is still a bit too intimidating for me to attempt.

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Today the husband and I met a bunch of people in the pub to watch the rugby. This was my first social engagement of this type in the pub in many months. Went fine. We stayed for about five rounds (lime and soda for me!) and it was pleasant and uneventful.

I had worried that the smell of alcohol might make me feel ill, but it was OK. The only uncomfortable smell I noticed was when someone over at the bar had a Red Bull. I was also worried about being amongst a group of people – following the banter and trying to join in. I’ve just not been amongst people in months. But that was OK too.


Today the husband took me out for lunch, as a little practice so I can hopefully eat out with friends at some point soon. It went OK. I had a steak sandwich and fries and it was huge, but the husband kindly offered to take half of the sandwich onto his plate until I was ready to eat it so it didn’t scare me. He suggested if in doubt I could ask for a small portion in the future. Anyway that all went fine, and I had a meringue and cream which was yumsk.

Later we went to Mothercare, our first time. They have all sorts of reasonably priced baby items, and we saw a lot that we liked. We’ll go back and stock up some time.

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