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Got this letter in the post today. So that’s awkward, cos I’m already doing it. Oops. Admin error!

While I’m here, one of my lovely regular followers recently asked me this question:

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I’m feeling totally normal so far, this is awesome (touch wood!), so I thought I’d cast my mind waaaaaaaaaay back and tell you how stories such as ours start.

In order to be allowed to do IVF you need to be diagnosed with some sort of infertility.

Here’s how it worked for us.

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IVF round three starts properly tomorrow – I’ll be going in to the clinic to get an injection to downregulate me and simulate a rapid menopause.

I’m mildly nervous, in that this is unknown because it is a new way of administering the drug.

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Yeah don’t even get me started on how this letter is marked ‘Strictly private and confidential to be opened by addressee only’ and was sent to me and not my husband… A couple of weeks after the event it confirmed what we knew from two negative pregnancy tests and me getting my period.

We’re in limbo again. Not much to report. On the plus side I can have a few beers, exercise, eat McDonalds, er… bleach my teeth. It’s not so bad, we don’t have to wait too long and as it is Edinburgh Festival Fringe time I can happily have some fun and get on with things for a bit. I’ve been feeling a bit sick which seems to be easing off now but I’ve not got my libido back. This is annoying. But as the sickness is going and I’m starting to show a bit of interest in attractive young comedians the husband thinks this may be related to my natural cycle resetting and my ovulation which is due around now.

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There is no future
There is no past
Thank God this moment’s not the last
There’s only us
There’s only this
Forget regret or life is yours to miss  (Finale B, Rent)

We had a power cut yesterday and I had to reset my alarm clock.  I suddenly had an ‘eek’ moment at 2am when I realised my clock was on pm which would have meant that my alarm would not have gone off.  Crisis averted and I was at the IVF clinic before 9am.

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I’d like to choose how I hear the news.
Take me to a park that’s covered with trees.
Tell me on a Sunday please. (Tell me on a Sunday, Tell me on a Sunday)

So there you have it, not pregnant.

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A few of my friends got a hole in one with their babies – they conceived first go, or within a small handful of months.

It’s a weird thought, in terms of elapsed time the changes that have happened in their lives compared to ours.

For us, after nearly four years we’re still waiting.

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I’m all about evaluation, and I thought it might be interesting to generate some stats and reflections on my first IVF cycle.

(By the way, I’m still taking these money draining daily kick in the teeth folic acid tablets…)

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A really good thing about the IVF clinic I go to is that they offer free specialist counselling to any individual or couple going through the IVF process. I’ve not mentioned this as I have not had it while I’ve been blipping, but I have used the service. Way back last November the husband and I were deciding whether to jump the queue by paying for IVF (loooong story) and we went to the counsellor to help us make that decision, then I went along another couple of times by myself to have a talk though my feelings about infertility to date. By December we were all booked in for treatment after Christmas and I felt really positive, so I didn’t go again. As I said to the counsellor at the time I felt like I’d established the relationship so that I knew I could come along if I needed it. Actually doing the IVF was fine, I didn’t need the counselling support during that, so it has been a while since I went.

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This is my abdomen, it seems I’ve been sticking the injections all in one place and its gone a bit gross. I’ve started using another bit since I noticed this!

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