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My midwife called the Consultant on Monday and got me an appointment within 48 hours of her call.  Easy.  Do not even get me started on what a massive difference it would have made to my life if this had happened nine weeks ago when my GP sent me to triage, or seven weeks ago when my first midwife told me to try some ginger… I remain oh so very angry about the decimating effect that this has unnecessarily had on my life.  So so so let down.

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Today marks the ceremonial last insertion of an IVF pessary.

I’ve been taking IVF drugs (2 x progesterone pessaries and 4 x HRT tablets) for many months now, with HRT since 27th September and progesterone since 12th October.

Today is 49 days after embryo transfer which is finally time to stop taking all that.

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I’ve felt a bit sick for well over a week now – since before the pregnancy test actually. Not been sick yet, but it does come and go. Usually either if I eat, or don’t eat. This is technically too early for morning sickness (although my Mum says she felt bloody awful the whole time she was expecting me) and may be the IVF hormones I’m still taking.

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Today is the first day of the two week wait.  This is the day that my eggs would be fertilised if they were not fertilised already.  My fertilised eggs were kept out of me in the test tube for six days, hence as they are already six days old they’ll not put them back in til Thursday.

As of today I’m on a new drugs regime, in preparation for the frozen embryo transfer on Thursday.  Folic acid and HRT as before, plus progesterone.  The progesterone is a pessary that I have to stick up my vajayjay twice a day.  I don’t seem to have any side effects, but it does drip out as a white waxy paste and is quite messy and gross.

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As I have mentioned, I have been awaiting my period starting this month as it means I can check in for IVF cycle three (second thaw cycle using a frozen embryo).

Hurray, it started early evening yesterday.  I was ever so pleased, I’m keen to have another go and get going.

The first step of the cycle is to ring the clinic and get an appointment within the next few days to go in for a pre-treatment scan and make arrangements for when the drugs start (day 21).

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Yeah don’t even get me started on how this letter is marked ‘Strictly private and confidential to be opened by addressee only’ and was sent to me and not my husband… A couple of weeks after the event it confirmed what we knew from two negative pregnancy tests and me getting my period.

We’re in limbo again. Not much to report. On the plus side I can have a few beers, exercise, eat McDonalds, er… bleach my teeth. It’s not so bad, we don’t have to wait too long and as it is Edinburgh Festival Fringe time I can happily have some fun and get on with things for a bit. I’ve been feeling a bit sick which seems to be easing off now but I’ve not got my libido back. This is annoying. But as the sickness is going and I’m starting to show a bit of interest in attractive young comedians the husband thinks this may be related to my natural cycle resetting and my ovulation which is due around now.

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This is the current medication regime. All the pills in the morning (1 x folic acid and 3 x HRT) plus one progesterone pessary, then a further pessary in the evening. I feel alright on these. I think I’m pretty much back to normal on this combo, although unfortunately this reverts me to my natural sleeping regime which is very much the extreme night owl. The menopause drugs had me sleeping early like a normal person, which was much more convenient.

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Here’s all the IVF drugs I’m taking each day at the moment: Buserlin (injection, day 27), folic acid (beige pill) and HRT (blue pills, day 13). I take them all in one go, in the morning.

I should be in my infertility counselling session now, the one I booked 29 days ago. The one I booked for this point because I expected the long spell on the drugs to be getting to me. But I’m not at that session, as it was cancelled yesterday. The counsellor has a medical appointment.

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I have taken folic acid every day of the year 2013 so far. You’re supposed to do so if you’re trying to get pregnant (foetal development and so on) so unsurprisingly the IVF clinic insists upon it. I really should have been taking folic acid daily for the last four years, and I did for a while but when I lost hope of conceiving naturally I stopped.

The problem with folic acid is it is just a daily kick in the teeth reminder that I’ve not been able to conceive.

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I feel infertile again today.

Which means I must have stopped for a while whilst I was in the ‘person doing IVF’ mindset.

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