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I’ve just noticed that on 13th February 2013 I started the drugs for my first go at IVF… and on 13th February 2014 I had my 20 week scan which confirmed I was expecting a healthy baby boy.

I like patterns like that.

This hasn’t been the quick way round of getting a baby and three goes at IVF is more than I hoped I’d need to do.

But I guess in the big scheme of infertility that’s substantial progress in a year.


It’s a boy!

Today was our foetal anomaly (20 week) scan where we had an ultrasound to check that Kipling was all in one piece. He was.

I wasn’t so nervous about this scan as I had been about the first one, as we’ve heard his heartbeat quite often, I do seem to be getting bigger, and he was vaguely baby-shaped last time they scanned him.

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I bought this baby outfit a few weeks back because it was cute and lovely. But it is really most suitable for a girl baby. At this point we don’t know if we are having a girl or a boy.

Since the embryo was replaced within me, we’ve called the future baby ‘Kipling’ and we’ve referred to Kipling as a he.

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