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Hi [Client for new project I promised I’d do in April and May]

As you know I am pregnant, and my due date is 4th July. As such I thought I would be free to complete this project during April and May. However, I have had some complications with my blood pressure and I currently need to attend monitoring appointments at the hospital taking up two full days each week – plus other routine appointments.

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Today was my weekly counselling session.

Although I wouldn’t say I currently have depression I really do feel the benefit of ‘debriefing’ all of this unpleasant nausea situation with someone who spends an hour actually listening to me.

We talked about a few things.

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I had a 9.30am GP check up this morning. That might seem like no probs to most people, but at the moment I’m sleeping about 11 hours per day so that is a bit earlier than I’d prefer. We’d set this time as the husband had thought he’d come along and take me in the car, but as he came to the Consultant yesterday he didn’t come to the GP today. So, first time going to a medical appointment alone in a couple of months… but it was fine. And I got a cab so as not to have to get up too early for a bus.

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Yesterday I saw my new counsellor for the first time, and had a very positive first appointment. There was a bit of going over old ground due to not having met her before, but she seemed to get me and the issue. Some interesting stuff in there about being given ‘permission to be ill’ in that because it has been so hard to be taken seriously and because I have not needed to be signed off work due to being self-employed there is no-one giving me ‘permission’. My illness has become all my responsibility. Which makes me feel unsafe. Plus as it has been such a struggle to get anywhere I have lost confidence in my ability to judge whether I am ill or not and I either worry I might be making it up or blame myself for not explaining things well enough. Plenty of stuff to be mulling over, and more next week.

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Got an appointment for a counselling session today (next week) and an appointment for the 20 week scan (13th Feb).  So that’s all good.

Had to go into the GP surgery again today for the GP to check on me.  The husband came along again, and this time there was a student observing the session.  I explained to the GP that this drug combo was the best so far, but that I was having some unpredictable bouts of nausea.  I said I was working a couple of hours a day and the GP was pleased.  I tried to explain that this was difficult, and unpredictable, and disappointing so not entirely a good thing.  Certainly not what I’d hoped for by this point.

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I think I feel better on this new drug combination.  I realise it should be easy to say if I feel better, but so far it is ‘different’ but I think it is different in a better way.  Now I’m advised that the newly introduced drug (metoclopeamide) acts to move stuff through the stomach quickly and does something to the brain to stop signals of nausea.  I can certainly feel it moving things through – not in a gross ‘bowel evacuation’ sense, but I can feel my stomach rumbling and I feel hungry quite a lot of the time.  Now previously being hungry would be strongly associated with nausea, so the thing about this new combo is I think I need to be chucking a normal amount of food in quite regularly and ignoring the hunger pangs and not assuming I feel sick because I feel hungry. Read the rest of this entry »


Having been given more info on my circumstances my friend the obstetrician advised that “you should expect to feel normal, if you can remember what that is.”  Which made me think sod it, I want to feel normal asap.  She advised that I should ask to be prescribed metoclopramide in addition to cyclizine, and that I should ask for an urgent referral to an obstetric specialist who should assess and look after my care.

So I phoned the GP at 8.30am today to get an emergency appointment (the only way to see anyone within a week and a half) and I saw a new GP this morning.  One I hadn’t seen before.

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I woke up this morning feeling completely overwhelmed.

Today is 6th January, the day people go back to work after Christmas.

Everyone told me I’d be better by now, that the nausea would have improved by week 12 and be better by week 14.  I didn’t believe them, and I was right, but I take no pleasure in that.  I would have loved to have been proved wrong.  I planned for me to have been proved wrong.  I’ve agreed to do work during this trimester.  I’ve made commitments.

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So very conveniently my monthly infertility counselling session coincided with my embryo transfer day. That’s handy, just one trip required. And even better, the husband was free today so he decided to chum me to the embryo transfer – and go early and work on his laptop in the hospital coffee shop so that he could give me a lift.

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It must be a busy month at the IVF clinic, because yet again I had to wait 50 minutes in the waiting room today.  I would rather have spent that time in bed…

But things got better.

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