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Today cycle three of IVF started properly as I am now on the IVF drugs. This will be a thaw cycle, using a frozen embryo the husband and I made in March.

The first type of drug to be taken is a down-regulator to stop ovulation and simulate the menopause. This is because they don’t want any eggs floating about, they want to keep it all clear for the pre-prepared embryo. Previously I’ve taken these down-regging drugs by self-administered daily injection, but this time I’m trying it a new way.

So I set off for the clinic at 8.30am for a 10am appointment, and arrived ten minutes early. It was so quick, I was taken in straight away and was out again by 10am.

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IVF round three starts properly tomorrow – I’ll be going in to the clinic to get an injection to downregulate me and simulate a rapid menopause.

I’m mildly nervous, in that this is unknown because it is a new way of administering the drug.

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Hurray, this is the start of IVF cycle number three.  We will be using one of our six remaining frozen embryos (blastocysts) around mid October and the time until then will be used to prepare my body to hopefully accept it.

So this morning was a pre-treatment scan.  I left home an hour and a half before the appointment time of 10am and this time arrived fifteen minutes early.  That was great though, as they took me in straight away so I was out again by 10am!

I knew the drill by now – into the consulting room, strip from the waist down, sit on the bed and cover my modesty with a towel.  The doctor came in, gave me an internal scan, and pronounced everything normal.  I then had an appointment with a nurse who took my blood pressure and pronounced that normal too.  Therefore good to go, I was given a date to come in for my next two IVF appointments and sent on my way.  Easy.

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Don’t dream it, be it (Don’t dream it be it, The Rocky Horror Show)

Counselling today. I didn’t feel I ‘needed’ it, I’m coping fine with the negative pregnancy test result, but I suspect that some of the reason that I am coping is down to having had this appointment in place.

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Tomorrow is the judgement day
Tomorrow we’ll discover what our God in Heaven has in store
One more dawn
One more day
One day more! (One day more, Les Miserables)

If it wasn’t a Saturday, today would be pregnancy testing day. My test is on Tuesday.

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A few of my friends got a hole in one with their babies – they conceived first go, or within a small handful of months.

It’s a weird thought, in terms of elapsed time the changes that have happened in their lives compared to ours.

For us, after nearly four years we’re still waiting.

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Hurray! The date is booked in for the frozen embryo transfer!

No news yesterday, so I called the IVF clinic at lunchtime today. Took a few goes to get through but eventually I spoke to a nurse. She checked and no appointment had been made yet. She said she’d ring me back. I mentioned that I might need to come in and pick up more drugs today depending on the date of the transfer. This may have spurred her into action as she called back five minutes later with an appointment.

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I’ve had depression before. It’s not very nice, I wouldn’t recommend it.

I’m not depressed now. I’m not numb, I can feel my feelings. My mind is clear and I can get on with my day-to-day life.

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On 27th March we found out that our first attempt at IVF had not worked and three weeks later the clinic wrote to us and offered us an appointment with a Consultant to discuss our treatment options. Well our appointment finally came around today, two months after the negative pregnancy test and almost a week after we started our second cycle of IVF treatment. I must admit the husband and I found this quite unsatisfactory, as we had no clear answers about why the first go had not worked or what our chances of success were based on the progress to date, and we felt a bit abandoned by the system.

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So after a 56 day hiatus I had my first appointment at the clinic for our second IVF cycle today. This one will be a frozen embryo transfer, as we have some embryos ready made from last time so they’ll just use them rather than growing some new ones.

(How to number this? I’m going for cycle days starting today, but that’s not exactly right as it sort of starts last week with my period, or today, or when I start the drugs in a few weeks… but today is when it was all confirmed so today is day one)

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