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Letter sent to midwife service last week….

Dear Midwife service,

Having reviewed the medical notes in my blue folder, I feel that an important part of my pregnancy experience which may have ongoing consequences has not been represented.

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Although I feel so much better, normal service has not yet really resumed.  I’m still very tired and I still feel sick some of the time.  I can work a bit from my bed, and do one dressed-and-out-of-the-house thing per day.  I’ve been experimenting with the time I take my drugs, and I have found that nothing eliminates the dip I get around 6pm but I get a better sleep if I don’t take a pill late at night.  It is all seriously frustrating.  I’ve got my mind back now though, I’m no longer fuzzy and confused.  Which is great.  But probably why I feel so frustrated.

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