Kipling has still not been unceremoniously cut from me, and my blood pressure remains somewhere that is both stable and far too high. So I have to keep living here in the hospital. I’m tired, oh so tired. I’m on so many blood pressure drugs.

The doctors decided I was allowed to go out for the afternoon today and I was given some of my pills to take away with me.

The husband and I went along to Musselburgh where we had lunch near the race course, then we went to look at some of the little local harbours and along the river to see if we could see ducklings (no). It was all a bit much though, I had to have a nap on the back seat of the car and elected to go back to the hospital early because I couldn’t manage being upright any more.

So I suppose the afternoon was a great success but also a big disappointment. I realised how ill I am and that I can’t manage outside the hospital.