The doctors have given me Dexametronone, a nippy wee bugger of an injection in the thigh. But scarier than that. An injection to get the baby’s lungs ready for birth. Because the baby is nowhere near ready enough to be born naturally yet, but the doctors might want to get him out soon. Within the next two weeks.

Had a scan to check on the baby and he is doing great, the scan confirmed that he isn’t being affected by my pre-eclampsia at this point. Which is brilliant.

But it is me, they still might need to get him out asap to protect my health.

As well as the special lung drugs they sent a paediatrician to speak to us about premature babies. Although this was reassuring, it is still very very far from ideal.

It is so early, I’m scared he won’t be OK, I want to keep him in as long as possible.