A day in hospital, and basically I am being kept in indefinitely until they can either stabilise my blood pressure (and then maybe send me home for a bit) or deliver me. But a few days in hospital are certain, probably at least a week.

It is very boring and there’s a lot of being poked and prodded at all times of day and night.

I was put into a single room after the first night which is nice and I can spread out a bit and sleep a bit better – control my own lights and so on.

The blood pressure is high and fluctuating and I am getting other symptoms of pre-eclampsia.

It seems to be quite serious and I am now on quite a range of drugs including a lot more labetalol and also something new to me called Nifedipine – of which I have had both a fast acting and slow acting version. None of it is working in any permanent way.

Trying to get used to living here.