So I woke up with a weird rash on my arm that was quite dark and wouldn’t go away.

The husband wanted it looked at so he took me along to the hospital where we could see an out of hours GP (it being Easter Sunday).

The husband thought I appeared a little odd, quiet, not totally normal which was another reason he insisted we seek medical advice. I thought I was OK, but he was probably right.

Long story short, the GP thought the rash was probably of no concern and was a reaction to the whooping cough jab I had last week.


How was concerned about my blood pressure and sent me along to obstetric triage.

Went home and got my notes and my PJs.

Because, yes, after several hours in triage they decided my blood pressure was far too high and I needed to be admitted.

First they did a scan though, to check that all was well with Kipling. Kipling continues to do absolutely fine, his size and blood flow and movement and so on are great and he doesn’t appear to be afflicted by my troubles.

Got into my bed in hospital after 11pm.