Got to the hospital for monitoring today at 10am (as they told me to) and was seen within half an hour, which is great and much much quicker than usual. However, still ended up being there for five and a half hours. I was bored stupid.

Honestly I lose track, it is so repetitive and they tell me very little. For whatever reason this time they wanted me to wait and see a doctor, and the doctor wanted to run their plan past their superior. It all took ages with a lot of waiting.

The doctor’s plan was to make no changes, but to bring my 28 week growth scan forward from next Wednesday to today. I can’t say they were very clear on why but the notes in my folder say “pre eclampsia and palpating small for dates”. So I do have pre-eclampsia now? Both the pre-eclampsia and the palpating small are news to me on reading them, they have not mentioned either diagnosis to me.

They told me to go away for an hour and come back at 2pm for a growth scan.

The husband had wanted to come along to the growth scan and had made arrangements to come next Wednesday, so this was inconvenient. I let him know the change of plan and luckily he could rearrange. So he arrived at 2pm. At which point they told us to go away and come back at 2.50pm.

At 2.50pm we got seen straight away and the guy that did the scan was really nice and talked us through it all.

All was well, and little Kipling is plenty big enough, well above average in size and seemingly healthy. The reason he ‘appears’ small from the outside is that he is lying transverse. By now he should have settled head down but he is across the way with his head to my left. This makes sense to me, where I feel him kick and so on.

It was lovely to see Kip, and to get another picture though it isn’t a great one.

Oh and to have it confirmed for sure that he is a boy. This time even we could tell.

We then returned to triage and awaited the doctor for a while, who repeated this information and sent us on our way.

At this point no-one said anything about the consequences of a transverse lie. I’ve already looked this up though, as I found out five months back that I was one and consequently was born by caesarean section. It seems that although it is unusual he’s still got time to turn about, and might, or might not. But you can’t do a natural birth with a transverse lie and back in the day people simply died in childbirth giving it a go. These days there are ways to try and turn them around, or they do a c-section.

This pregnancy so far is playing out exactly the same as my Mum’s, with me.