It felt like a long afternoon at obstetric triage today getting monitored, largely owing to a 1hr45m wait in the waiting room before I even got seen. I was so tired and uncomfortable waiting, and just wanted to lie down on the floor and sleep.

Just felt so low and exhausted. The husband sent me along with instructions to tell the midwife this, which I did. She was very kind.

My blood pressure was great, around 125/70. The midwife wondered if now this was under control I could half my dose of blood pressure pills which might make me feel better. She seemed to concur with the husband that they were screwing with me. She said she would phone my Consultant and ask.

She also mumbled something about blood in my urine, although this was (as usual) never mentioned again.

We spoke of my mental health and whether I was OK on my specialist counselling or if I should see the perinatal mental health team. She said she’d ask my Consultant that too.

Another 15 mins or so turfed out back to the waiting area, then the midwife came and said I could reduce my blood pressure drugs from 4 to 3 per day with the hope of making me feel a bit better, and that I should carry on with the counselling.

No bloods today, which is a relief. My one good vein and both my hands were bruised up from the gung-ho and largely unsuccessful blood letting last week. Also good because bloods adds a good hour or two onto how long you have to wait for results.

I have no idea when they decide to test which things, seems impossible to predict to me.

New today was a trip to the hospital pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Never been there before.

All in all went quite well, and 3.5hrs total time at the hospital wasn’t the worst. But urgh. Tired.