The husband and I had a night away in a lovely hotel, and whilst Saturday went really well I was completely wiped out on Sunday. When we got home I had a two hour nap then went to bed early and slept for another twelve hours or so.

When I woke up at lunchtime I had to be prized and cajoled out of bed by the husband. I just felt so tired, and low. I didn’t want to go to work. After managing a couple of hours the husband re-evaluated me and politely suggested I take the day off sick.

This isn’t like me. I’d never nap, I’d never choose not to go to work. I feel crappy and overwhelmed and frightened.

The husband thinks this has come on since I started taking a double dose of the Labetalol. He looked the side effects up and tiredness and low mood are up there.

The husband is being bloody lovely. And so gentle and patient.

I feel awful.