I used to enjoy browsing round the shops and maybe buying some new clothes, but this has been no fun while pregnant as I have not felt it was worth getting anything when I didn’t know if I’d be able to wear it due to expecting to change size/shape.

Except I have not particularly changed shape in the first half of the pregnancy. Not in any way that changes what I wear anyway.

I went to the shops today and tried on a bunch of maternity clothes.

I still don’t really need them, as I say I am happily in my same jeans and leggings/dresses that I always wear.

Actually the reason this stuff still fits is probably that I lost weight due to the extreme and persistent nausea, so I lost a dress size. Which I have now filled up with baby.

But, I’m thinking it will only be a matter of weeks now until I grow out of my usual stuff so I decided to have another look at what is available and see if it made sense to get something in, ready. What I didn’t want to do is get something that won’t fit because I’m a different size/shape to now when I need it.

Well it seems you can get maternity trousers in two types – either the type with an elastic waist, or the type that have an elastic over-bump tube within them.

I’d only seen the elastic waist stuff before and both this time and last time when I tried them on I wasn’t sure if they would be the right fit as I grew.

The over bump stuff was different though, as I could see how it would accommodate me when I was smaller and bigger. Plus they have a (false) button/zip-waist band, which I prefer aesthetically.

I bought a pair of over-bump jeans and a dress.

Not worn them yet.