So here’s a symptom of pregnancy that I have noticed in the last fortnight.

I have become very forgetful.

I’ve heard of this ‘baby brain’ thing before and I’m not sure I’ve honestly taken it too seriously.

But this is weird. Things leave my head as soon as they enter it.

Usually, I am not in the slightest bit forgetful. It just is not something I need to think about. I never make lists or leave out reminders or get my things ready in advance. I just know what I need to do and I do it, in order, on time.
Not anymore. Here’s some things I’ve forgotten:

  • I forgot to take my notes for my hospital appointment
  • I forgot to pick up my mobile phone on the way out
  • I forgot to put my watch on
  • I forgot to Sky+ a TV show I saw an advert for
  • My husband asked if I wanted some grapes. I said “yes I’ll just come and get them”. I didn’t because I forgot.
  • I forgot to take my anti sickness pills
  • I forgot whether I had taken my anti sickness pills or not, and was not sure whether I should take more
  • I forgot that I had forgotten about my anti sickness pills even though it was the thing that prompted me to write this blog post, and had to come back and add it in to the list later

And because this forgetfulness has never happened to me before I don’t have any coping mechanisms. I’m just not prepared for it.

Very confusing.