Today I went swimming, by myself! I’ve not been swimming by myself since October. So that was a massive big deal.

It wasn’t quite my usual routine but it was the fact that it wasn’t my usual routine that prompted me to go. I used to go swimming in the evening and I’d walk to the bus stop, get the bus, walk to the pool, swim, then reverse the journey. This is still a bit too intimidating for me to attempt.

However, today I had a work meeting right near a swimming pool on a direct bus route home, so I thought I’d take my kit along and if I felt up to it I’d do the swim after my meeting. If not, nothing lost.

As it happens I felt up to it, and I swam for 20 minutes, and it went fine.

All part of trying to get back into my normal activities. I hope to return to my usual routine of three nights a week after work at some point in this pregnancy!