I have had three good days in a row, and today isn’t looking too bad either. This is amazing. In the last 12 weeks I’ve had no more than one good day in a row.

On Sunday we went to the shops for a couple of hours to look at home furnishings.

On Monday I had a work meeting in Glasgow.

On Tuesday I had a work meeting AND I went swimming where I swam 20 lengths (half breast stroke, half front crawl, in lane)

Being able to do stuff and not be completely buggered afterwards is new, and very much welcome.

I’m not 100% cured. I still need to sleep 12 hours in each day. If nausea was a 1-10 scale with vomiting at 10 (and my unmedicated state being a continuous 9.5 and my usual medicated state being several hours at 6) I’m now getting a 2 when I go in a moving vehicle or walk for more than five minutes.

The best thing is that feeling OK is cumulative. As 12 weeks of near constant severe nausea was cumulative and made me feel depressed, well three days of feeling better gives me hope. I have not felt in the slightest bit depressed in the last couple of days.

Because if it stays like this I can manage it, I can get on with doing most of the things I want/need to do. I can work part time, I can work towards being fit and healthy, I might even be able to start to socialise again.