My brother-in-law gave me these boiled sweets (Strawberries and cream from Crabtree and Evelyn) for Christmas, and they are really tasty.  And sucking them does give me a bit of relief from the nausea.

The husband is so sweet and lovely, today I got a parcel from him containing a gift bag with three more jars of the sweets in it.

One of my friends who is an obstetrician got in touch.  She was hugely sympathetic.  She said she thought I should ask to be referred to an obstetrician urgently, and that I should be on cyclizine plus one or more other drugs on top of the cyclizine.  I’m not sure what to do really, as the obstetric triage doctor I saw was not at all sympathetic and I’m keen not to take any more sedatives.  But I’m still not back to normal duties.  It is so hard to know what to do for the best and to get together the confidence to take on the system and demand treatment from people who just don’t care about my condition.  I have emailed my friend back with more details, to ask for her advice.