Went to the dentist today for my regular six-monthly check up.  In Scotland dental care is free if you are pregnant, so it was slightly exciting to be able to tick a new box on the form today – the ‘I’m expecting a baby’ box.

On the other hand, it feels a bit weird telling randoms that I’m pregnant when I’ve so far only told a handful of my friends and family.

The dentist explained that the mouth acts differently during pregnancy.  She said that all sorts of bits of the body expand including the gums, and more saliva is produced.  Because of this pregnant ladies can be more at risk of gingivitis and this can have more serious consequences.

Having had a quick look at my teeth the dentist said she’d like to keep an eye on me.  She asked me to come in every three months rather than every six months, and she also suggested I go to the hygienist for a more thorough clean than she could do.  Fun.