Went to the GP today to see about getting some more Cyclizine to keep this nausea at bay.  It was a very brief appointment with a GP I’d never seen before.  She gave me a prescription for 100 tablets which should last around five weeks.  So that’s all good.

I also asked her about getting the flu jab and she nipped out to speak to the practice nurse.  She then came back in and advised me that it was OK to get the flu jab at any point during pregnancy (which I knew).  She then said that as I would need to get the whooping cough jab at 28 weeks I’d be best just to wait until then and get them at the same time.  This is clearly absolute nonsense.  The NHS advise pregnant women to get the flu jab to stop them getting the seasonal flu during flu season because they are considered ‘at risk’.  There would be no point in me having the flu jab in April after flu season, in fact it would be unlikely to be available then.  And I would remain vulnerable and unprotected throughout the whole flu season.  Idiot.  I just nodded and smiled, I’ll ask the midwife when I see her next week.