Although I feel so much better, normal service has not yet really resumed.  I’m still very tired and I still feel sick some of the time.  I can work a bit from my bed, and do one dressed-and-out-of-the-house thing per day.  I’ve been experimenting with the time I take my drugs, and I have found that nothing eliminates the dip I get around 6pm but I get a better sleep if I don’t take a pill late at night.  It is all seriously frustrating.  I’ve got my mind back now though, I’m no longer fuzzy and confused.  Which is great.  But probably why I feel so frustrated.

I looked up expected pregnancy weight gain, and by this point I could expect to have put on 2 to 5 pounds.  So far I have lost about 3.5lb.  It is simply that I’m eating less because I feel sick.  I’m not too worried as I’d say I’m getting enough calories for what I’m doing and I am eating some fruit and vegetables.  The advice seems to be just eat what you can and not to worry too much as long as you’re keeping it down and remaining hydrated.

I’m not exercising though – I’ve gone from swimming a kilometre three times a week to barely standing up.  That’s the worry.

I want to be getting back into healthiness soon if I can.

On the plus side when I start to grow my clothes will last longer, as they’ve got extra space in them just now! Also this brings my weight down to the elusive BMI of 25 that I have been hovering around this year.

I’ve not mentioned much about pregnancy generally due to being obsessed with the morning sickness.

Actually, not much else to say.

When I don’t feel sick my boobs still hurt a bit.  I go to the toilet more often than I used to.  My lips and skin are really dry.  I’m very tired, sleeping about eleven hours each day.

The doctor told me I’d have an extra pint of blood in me by now, and I believe the baby is the size of an olive at this point.  That’s all pretty cool.

I’ll be glad to have my midwife appointment, and my 12 week scan for peace of mind.  Then it might start to feel like it is really happening.  I mean, I’m constantly reminded by the nausea that this is happening, but actually getting a baby…