So the husband and I are now released from the IVF clinic and are to be integrated with the fertiles in the Scottish maternity system.

When we left the clinic yesterday we were given a letter for my GP to confirm the successful IVF and we dropped this in to the surgery on our way home.  We were also given a number to call to book in with midwife services.

I gave this a ring a few times and it just rang out with no answerphone.  Got through on about the fifth attempt.

It is a centralised service for midwife services.  Press one for first appointments, press two if you’re in labour.  No, seriously.

The person on the phone took a few details from me – my name, date of birth, address and GP.  She then asked for the date of my last period.  This is irrelevant in IVF, so I told her I was IVF and instead she asked for the number of weeks pregnant and whether I had already had a scan.

She was then able to give me a date to see a midwife at my GP surgery (early December) and a date for the 12 week scan.  This could either be the week before Christmas or 31st December, so of course I took the earlier option!

I’m told this will be all confirmed by letter.