My Dad’s funeral was yesterday.  It went well.

So we’re back in Edinburgh and the husband gave the clinic a ring today to see when they could scan me up.  They very kindly fit us in today.

I was nervous, really nervous.  I knew if it was good news that would be much needed, but if it was bad news that would be game over and I could do without that right now.

So we got to the clinic and were the only ones there, and got taken straight through.  The nurse explained that it was going to be an internal scan, and that at this point they might or might not be able to see much so we shouldn’t worry too much at this stage if things were unclear.  We appreciated our expectations being managed, although we knew all this stuff already.

So I got undressed and up on the stirrups, and me and the husband waited for the doctor.

Nervous, nervous.

Usual procedure – date of birth and general checks on state of wellbeing.  There was some chat about the bleeding, and some complex working out of what date we’re on (6 weeks 5 days).  Then the doctor prepped the scanner.

Up it went, and then straight away there it was.  A blob, and a flicker.  The blob is baby Kipling, and the flicker is Kipling’s heart beating.  Wow.  How amazing that such a tiny blob – only 7.8mm long – can have a beating heart.

The doctor left, and I got dressed, then me and the husband had a little cry.  Then a high five.  Then a high ten.  Happy happy happy.  And what a relief.

The nurse then discharged us.  Because that’s it.  We’re no longer under the care of the IVF clinic, we’ve been released back into the normal maternity system.  With the normals.


Keep em crossed.