The press was all over the birth – and now christening – of HRH Prince George, and of course they have it is big news in Britain and beyond.

I wondered how I’d be when it all came to pass.

I will admit that before Christmas when the press found out that Kate was knocked up I was jealous and thought ‘oh no not another one, that’ll be all over everything for the next year’.

But actually as the birth and christening came about I’m not bothered.  I’m pleased for them.  All seems to have gone well, it is lovely news.

Thing is I’m jealous of pregnant people, not people with babies.  One step at a time!  She’s not pregnant now, so she’s back in my good books.  Hehe.

It must be hard going being pregnant and having a baby in such a public manner.  The world waiting – some of them literally camped outside your door.  All the pressure to get it done in a calm and graceful manner.  And on top of that to have extreme morning sickness and have everyone watching you.  Nasty.

She signed up for this of course.  I’m sure Wills sat her down and early on and pointed out that if things got serious she’d be expected to produce an heir to the throne in quick sharp time.  She’s a brave woman to take that on.  And she’s done it, two years after the wedding.  It must be a huge relief.

My overriding feeling is that I’m glad for her that she’s not had to go through what I’ve gone through.  I cannot imagine what it would be like to have all of that expectation on you, and not be able to produce a child.  And to have everyone watching, whispering, looking at their calendars and counting the months.

Thank god she’s not infertile.

Or maybe they checked before she was allowed to marry in?