Here’s what I feel like.  I feel like yesterday I did a couple of long dives off a rib in Scotland.  Perhaps you don’t know what that feels like?  When you’re doing it, it feels great.  But afterwards a combination of the cold and the amount of heavy kit you have to wear about your person and a certain amount of exertion catches up with you.  It feels a bit like you were beaten up a few days ago.  I feel like that.  I sit at my desk and I can feel all of my muscles aching.  If I get up all my limbs will feel stiff and in the wrong place.  Sleeping hurts.  The last few days I’ve woken up and felt like I’ve been on a pile of bricks, under a pile of bricks.  A couple of times I’ve done some sort of strenuous activity (picking up my phone, putting my coat on) and felt like I’ve got cramp or pulled a muscle.

I’d understand if I’d done some hard core exercise, but I’ve done f-all exercise in a week since Kipling has been within me.

I’d also understand if I was 80 years old, but I’m not even half way to that yet.

So it feels a bit weird.

Drugs or hormones or something, I presume.