The husband had some more things to say today…

Being in the “2 week wait” is always a bit of a limbo. There’s nothing more to do – we just have to wait for the pregnancy test.

I’m coping with this one less well than the last two times.

We’ve not had a proper holiday together yet this year and we both need one. We have time blocked out in our diaries to go away in November, but we’re not booking until we know if we’re having a baby or not. This is because we’d like to go diving, but you can’t do that while pregnant. Obviously we want a positive outcome from the IVF, but we don’t want to book a non-diving holiday now and be stuck with the worst of both worlds – no baby and no diving.

Not having anything booked is a double-whammy of limbo. I don’t have a concrete holiday to look forward to, and I still have the hassle of finding something and getting it booked to go through.

Somehow the fact that we have nothing planned – no holiday next month, no plans for Christmas or New Year, no idea whether next year is a year of IVF or a year of parenthood – it’s all much more stark this time and it feels a lot harder to deal with. A busy and complicated time at work isn’t helping with that.

I know really that it will all be fine either way. I just feel uncomfortable not knowing. I feel a bit weighed down by it all.

I guess I feel the same as this, although for me it has been on my radar for a bit longer… plus both other cycles… so I’m sort of resigned to it by now.

Not much to report really. It is hard to know if I feel different at the moment as I’m so pumped full of hormones. I think I feel different. Sometimes I feel a bit sick, sometimes my boobs feel sore, often I feel physically tired. Nothing bad enough to disrupt my day-to-day activities. I occasionally get a little twinge in the general womb area, and I do feel all heavy down there as I would if I had my period. But… does this mean anything? Positive or negative? Impossible to say.