Today is the first day of the two week wait.  This is the day that my eggs would be fertilised if they were not fertilised already.  My fertilised eggs were kept out of me in the test tube for six days, hence as they are already six days old they’ll not put them back in til Thursday.

As of today I’m on a new drugs regime, in preparation for the frozen embryo transfer on Thursday.  Folic acid and HRT as before, plus progesterone.  The progesterone is a pessary that I have to stick up my vajayjay twice a day.  I don’t seem to have any side effects, but it does drip out as a white waxy paste and is quite messy and gross.

I’m feeling ever so relaxed now, there’s no more for me to do but chill.  No more unknowns til the test.  Well, theoretically, an unknown is whether one of our embryos will thaw (sometimes they don’t survive the thaw) but as we have six it would be bloody unlucky if we didn’t get one this time.

So yeah, just got to turn up and have it transferred into me and then wait for the test to see if it sticks.

That’s what it’s all about, mind, so I might feel the pressure as the two week wait progresses.