Eek, tomorrow is an important day in the IVF process. I’ll be going in first thing for a scan to see how the HRT is going. If all is well I’ll be able to move on to the frozen embryo transfer and preparation for this. I could have an embryo in me this time next week. Fingers crossed.

This appointment has rather crept up on me, it has not been front of mind at all. I keep noticing it in my Outlook calendar. Then promptly forgetting. See, still forgetful! I have had to write myself a note or I’ll sleep through it.

This lack of obsession is probably good though (as long as I make it to the appointment) and means I am doing a reasonable job of keeping things ordinary just now. Saying that I feel a bit antsy generally, not quite into work and stuff. Distractible. Could be the hormones, could be the impending significant event of the embryo transfer praying on my subconcious, could be that I’m just a lazy sod sometimes.

Ach well, nearly there.