It was all going so well with work and IVF this time… until now.

Outwith my control a carefully timed work thing in London was supposed to be yesterday but was postponed at the last minute and now has to be rearranged. Now I need to reschedule it for the end of the month to fit in with client deadlines and to give a required bit of notice to attenders.

So I need to be away probably two nights / one day in London. And it needs to be in October. But in the remaining three weeks of October I will need to go to the IVF clinic first for the embryo transfer and later for a pregnancy test.

Unfortunately I cannot yet know when the embryo transfer (and thus by association the pregnancy test) will take place, so I cannot know which days I am not available to go to London. But for various tedious administrative reasons I need to reschedule today.

Argh, how to do this?

There are a few variables to consider. I’m due at the clinic this Friday for a scan to check progress. If all is well I will be given a date for my embryo transfer after that. However all might not be well and I might need to do an extra week on the HRT before I’m ready to move on. Last cycle I reacted well to the HRT and I was able to crack straight on, so I hope the same will happen this time and that I’ll go in on Friday and be given a date.

Even if this happens, I can’t be sure when the embryo transfer will be. At my clinic they do the fresh cycle transfers on specific dates but they slot in the frozen embryo transfers at times to suit them amongst these. At the soonest the frozen embryo transfer could be five days after Friday (16th October)…. or any time after that. The clinic can just keep me ticking over until they are ready. Last time it was seven days after the scan. So who knows when they’ll see me but I’ll need to be there during the day and it is really my preference to be able to take the first available slot. Consequently, I really need to avoid leaving Edinburgh for at least a week – maybe more – after 16th October.

So I’m not available until 23rd October ish. I can’t do 24th as I have another work thing for a different client, then it is the weekend.

At this point the pregnancy test comes into play, as I need to be in Edinburgh to go to the clinic for that. The earliest the pregnancy test day could be is 25th October.

Argh. No window.

Well I’ve picked a date for London around the pregnancy test date (28th). Hopefully it won’t clash but if necessary, like last time, I can delay the pregnancy test for a day or two to accommodate my work. Not ideal at all but I know I can cope with that OK if I have to.

Grr. I’d not have taken this project on if I had known it would clash with IVF.