This is my 100th entry in the Babymaybe blog.

100 posts on a blog should be a celebration, and it is an achievement to have generated so much content. I certainly find it therapeutic to do so and I have been touched by the kind wishes from the people who follow my blog regularly and comment.

I’m also glad to have a record of the journey.

But 100 posts is also a reminder that this journey is long, and intense (and makes me ranty at times) and yet I’ve not actually travelled very far. Well, things in my head are very much different and in some ways better than they were back at the start so the personal journey has been important and interesting. I’ve got war stories. That’s cool. But actual progress…? I started the blogging thing back in January and now, nine months and 2.5 IVFs later, I’m not really any further on with my quest to get knocked up. Don’t think the significance of the nine months has passed me by. If the first go had worked I’ve be very heavily pregnant by now.

But, well, here we are. It is what it is. I’ll just plod on with it.